During my tenure at the Council of Europe, I had the privilege of overseeing the social media coverage for the World Forum for Democracy, a unique platform that convenes political decision-makers and activists to take on challenges facing democracies worldwide.
Throughout the event, I expertly juggled a range of tasks. While monitoring the live event on video, I captured key quotes and moments for social media. Simultaneously, I crafted visuals and descriptions to enhance understanding and engagement. It was a seamless balance of multitasking and content creation.
My Responsibilities
Event Promotion

Leading up to the World Forum for Democracy, I leveraged all major social media platforms to create anticipation and awareness surrounding the event's agenda, encouraging viewers to participate and tune in online.

Visual Content Creation

I designed visually engaging posts for Instagram that featured compelling quotes from the event, capturing and highlighting the key discussions that transpired during the three-day forum.

Engagement-Boosting Videos

I edited and published engaging videos on Facebook, strategically timed to drive increased participation before, during, and after the event. These videos encouraged the audience to actively engage with the event online.
Key Achievements
My role in this project extended beyond multitasking. I had the unique ability to transform a lengthy and complex event into a captivating, fun, and quotable experience for social media audiences. By injecting humor, relevance, and impactful quotes into the event's coverage, I succeeded in making the World Forum for Democracy memorable and shareable, ultimately expanding its reach and influence in the digital sphere.
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