During my academic journey at the prestigious Paris V University, I embarked on a study project aimed at revitalizing the online presence of a prominent consulting firm specialized in the social and healthcare sector. This dynamic organization plays a crucial role in assisting various organizations, including healthcare facilities, retirement homes, LGBTQIA+ organizations, and those dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities or experiencing homelessness. Their mission involves helping these institutions with personnel acquisition, human resource evaluation and training, ongoing legal support and accredited comprehensive assessment.
My Responsibilities
Collaborating with a team of fellow students, we conducted a comprehensive series of activities to transform the firm's online presence:

Market Research

We delved into the market, exploring trends, demands, and competition within the social and healthcare consulting field.


A detailed benchmarking analysis helped us gain insights into what worked well for similar organizations, inspiring innovative solutions.

Full Diagnostic

Through a rigorous diagnostic process, we identified areas for improvement and created a detailed understanding of the company's strengths and challenges.
Key Achievements
Our collaborative efforts resulted in a set of transformative solutions to breathe new life into the company's online presence:


We proposed a fresh and more relevant company name, aligning with the ethos of the healthcare and social assistance sector.

Modernized Logo

The new logo exuded modernity and featured a color palette that resonated with the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, projecting professionalism and trust.

User-Centered Website

We designed and developed a user-friendly website that facilitated easy access to crucial information. This included details about the firm's leadership and counseling team, testimonials from satisfied clients, a repository of published articles and an comprehensive catalog of their services.


To diversify their content strategy and in accordance with the CEO's values and interests, we introduced the idea of a podcast, providing a modern and sought-after platform for sharing expertise and insights.

Enhanced Social Media Visibility

We improved the company's presence on LinkedIn, enabling better outreach within their professional network. We also integrated website links into email signatures for a seamless online journey.

Despite the wealth of ideas outlined in the provided strategic guidelines, not all were implemented due to financial constraints. Nevertheless, our project rejuvenated the organization's digital presence, aligning their communication with the evolving demands of the social and healthcare consulting industry. It showcases my ability to lead multifaceted initiatives and deliver innovative solutions that drive real-world impact.
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