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During my tenure at the esteemed Council of Europe, I had the privilege of spearheading a remarkable project: promoting the 2021 Athens Democracy Forum. This international conference, organized by The Democracy and Culture Foundation in association with The New York Times, convenes annually in Athens, Greece, uniting a diverse array of business leaders, academics, policymakers, and experts to address pivotal issues related to democracy and its challenges.

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My Responsibilities
In my role as the sole social media manager at the Council of Europe, I embraced the task of driving awareness and engagement for the 2021 Athens Democracy Forum.

Crafting a Strategic Campaign

I meticulously designed and executed a strategic social media campaign, employing platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to showcase the Forum's purpose.

Designing Visuals

I worked with The New York Times' social media team to create visuals that highlighted key speakers and sessions, ensuring that they aligned with the event's color scheme.

Highlighting Key Discussions

I leveraged our social media channels to spotlight significant sessions, including a notable conversation with our head of communications Daniel Holtgen.

Driving Engagement

Over a span of two days, I successfully engaged the audience, motivating them to actively participate in and watch the key discussions offered by the event.
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Key Achievements
A notable accomplishment of this project was the Council of Europe's proud sponsorship of the 2021 Athens Democracy Forum. Our support underlined our dedication to fostering dialogue on critical democratic issues, exemplifying the Council's commitment to advancing democracy.
This project illustrates my ability to strategically leverage social media and engage audiences on important global topics, reinforcing the Council of Europe's pivotal role in the democracy discourse worldwide.
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