During my time at the Council of Europe, I spearheaded a social media campaign dedicated to "The 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence". This international initiative unites organizations worldwide in the collective effort to combat gender-based violence. For this project, I conceived and designed a series of impactful illustrations infused with compelling statistics, meticulously tailored for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
My Responsibilities
Content Creation

As the lead of this campaign, I was responsible for the strategic creation of engaging visual content. These illustrations were meticulously crafted to convey the severity of the issue, utilizing poignant statistics to capture the audience's attention on Instagram and Facebook.

Strategic Messaging

In collaboration with the Gender-Equality Division of the Council of Europe and the United Nations' EDVAW Platform, I ensured that our messaging was aligned with the global initiative's mission. This encompassed a focused approach to addressing online gender-based violence and advocating for its eradication.

16 Days of Vigilance

As the campaign spanned from November 25th (International Day Against Violence Against Women) to December 10th (International Human Rights Day) in 2021, it lasted for 16 consecutive days. This required a dedicated effort to consistently deliver news, images, and informative content across our social media platforms.

Bold Social Media Strategy

Our campaign's strategy was distinguished by its boldness and distinctiveness, standing out from the communication of other participating organizations and media outlets. I aimed to establish the Council of Europe as a prominent voice in the global mission against gender-based violence.
Key Achievements
My pivotal role in this project yielded notable achievements in terms of number of followers, retweets and overall visibility. Through compelling visuals and strategic social media tactics, we effectively raised awareness about online gender-based violence, drawing attention to this pervasive issue and advocating for its elimination.
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